Knife Sharpening Services

straight edge knives
We service all types of straight edge knives. Each knife is sharpened to a mirror finish on a series of 5 sanding belts. Starting with 220 grit and finishing with 6k! $5
Serrated Edge Knives
All serrated knives are sharpened the same way as our strait knives and the serration is honed using a ceramic rod $7
Pocket Knives +
All knives will be disassembled, cleaned, sharpened, oiled and reassembled. Great for EDC folders. $20
Whether you want to revive that natural look or change it all together, We can help. We currently offer the following customization services.

  • Stonewash $12.50
  • Acid wash $12.50
  • Etching $20
Call for details
Commercial Knife Sharpening
We offer commercial knife sharpening and rentals. Using the same method we do for our residential customers, we can keep your restaurant knives sharper, longer. Call for pricing.

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