Cutlery Exchange

Knife Doctor’s cutlery exchange program is designed for restaurants, catering services, churches and commercial kitchens.

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How the Cutlery Exchange Works

  • A knowledgeable Knife Doctor representative will assist you in hand crafting a cutlery exchange package proprietary to your business’s needs.
  • 2 sets of knives are dedicated to each customer. One being used while the other is being sharpened.
  • Though the average customer has their knives exchanged every 2 weeks, we do offer customized schedules tailored to your business.
  • Your Knife Doctor representative will locate and package your used knives so you and your staff can focus on the task at hand.
  • Your Knife Doctor representative will capture a signature and leave a receipt for your records.
  • Ask your Knife Doctor representative about other critical kitchen services Knife Doctor has available.

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